Preservation: Rare Breeds Farm Animals Photography Book.
My book Preservation: Rare Breeds Photography can now be purchased from the Blurb book store. For every book purchase I will donate 10% to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.
Softcover version is £35.00.
Hardcover version is £40.00

Link to buy my book from the Blurb store: 
Ebook version is £5.99 (this includes VAT).
Link to buy my ebook from the Blurb store:

Here is a synopsis of my book below:

Preservation: Rare Breeds Farm Animals photography project by Claire Watson. She is currently working on a long term project to photograph different rare breeds and farm animals and poultry in the UK. This book is a accumulation of the work she has done so far, from photographing the magnificent Suffolk Punch Horse to the beautiful Scots Dumpy Chicken.

Within this book Claire discusses why it is important to conserve these rare breeds for future generations while showcasing beautiful photography which depicts the noble and unique characteristics of these animals. Claire plans to take this project further in the future by photographing more rare and native farm animal breeds in the UK and abroad.
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